Wingback Beds

A bedroom is your personal space in the entire house, and thus you want it to be perfect. Vino Beds specialises in creating modern and chic furniture for your bedrooms. Our wingback bed frames are beautifully crafted and fashionable bedsteads that offer a stylish look to your room. Our professional team has constructed robust wingback bed frames that support the mattress and provide overall comfort to you.

 Our wingback beds can complement any type of decor, from modern to classic and traditional to rustic. Due to its well-known heritage, the bed fits seamlessly in both traditional and modern surroundings. Our wingback double bed frame is the centre of attention in your room, while the headboard's colour will determine the room's overall vibe.  These beds have become increasingly popular nowadays.

Elegant and Stylishly Fashionable Wingback Beds

Wingback beds are the ideal choice for achieving the hotel-chic style in your house. Our modern wingback beds are perfect to create an opulent feel because of their enormous headboards. They are available in numerous colours and fabrics, so the options are limitless. It is preferable to think about a palette of neutral tones if you're aiming to evoke a sense of tranquillity in your bedroom. But if you want a cheerful atmosphere, go for bright and dark pink and teal shades. For a sense of extreme luxury, cover our wingback bed with gorgeous bedding and place a pile of cushions on it.

Benefits of Wing Beds

A Style Statement of Wingback King Size Bed

The focal point of your bedroom will be your bed. Our wingback beds are the best fit for all kinds of rooms. With the ability to fit in any kind of décor, our beds are preferred all across the United Kingdom. Our luxury wing bed has modified the original look and is mostly covered in sumptuous fabric to give your room a soft and cosy look. Linen, velvet and polyester are the commonly used medium of fabric.   

 Wrapped Fabric

The headboard and footboard's velvet wrapping will create the ideal stylish look for your space. Polyester will also be used as the wrapping material to provide comfort at a reasonable cost.

Additionally, leather, which is timeless and extremely durable, can be used to wrap the headboards. It has a stunning appearance and makes a powerful and stylish fashion statement. Our luxury wingback beds are mostly wrapped with leather fabric to give your space a classy look.

Additional Storage

When you live in a small bedroom, additional storage is very beneficial. Small apartments may always use more storage to keep the mess out of sight and create a cosier atmosphere. The storage capabilities are dependent on the size of our wingback bed frame. For children, our single wingback bed provides enough space to keep your child's bedroom neat and clean.

Not only our wingback beds are stunning, but many of our models also come with ottoman storage as a bonus. Ottoman bed storage is a beneficial and fantastic option as it has a large capacity to store things when compared to drawers. While our wingback beds have enormous storage spaces that are divided into parts, our wingback double bed frames include drawers and compartments incorporated into the frames. Our extra storage bed offers you peace of mind as you can keep your unwanted stuff in wingback beds.

Super Comfortable for Your Back

 One of the advantages of our deluxe wingback bed is that they are perfect for your spinal alignment. Therefore, sit up straight and feel free to work or watch Netflix for a long duration of time without worrying about back pain.

Different Size

To fit your bedrooms, our wing beds are available in a variety of sizes. We also work on custom manufacturing of wing bed frames to perfectly fit your bedrooms. With our modern design beds, you can grace your bedrooms with elegance.

Pricing of Wingback Beds

Our company will give you cheap wingback beds to spice up your bedroom. Buy all our wingback beds at a great low price.

So, whether you want our wingback single bed or double, contact us now.


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