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Are Divan Beds a Good Option for You?

Beds play an important part in decorating your home, and various beds are available at our site to cater for the needs of our customers. Beds are an expensive and royal piece of furniture, and homeowners rarely change them. For all those who want to keep their room fresh for years, our divan beds have a list of benefits, so it is prudent to be aware of all the information about divans before deciding on the bed type for your home. Our divan beds are perfect for you due to following reasons:

  • Provides extra storage space, hence called space-saver bed
  • Flexible aesthetic style and customisation
  • Beds covered in upholstery
  • Offers a neat and tidy appearance in your bedroom

Putting a Divan Bed Together

If you are wondering about assembling of bed, you need not worry, as divan beds are easy to assemble. With our luxury divan beds London, we provide detailed guidelines about assembling a bed. If you have ordered a single-size divan bed, it will arrive at your place with all the assembling. Larger sizes usually come in two halves, making it easy to transport and shift to your room.

What Are the Different Types of Divan Beds We Offer at Vino Beds?

Our divan beds are specifically designed for all your sleeping preferences.  Here at Vino Beds, we offer you a variety of divan beds.

Sprung Top Divan

Our sprung divan beds in London have high-end divan bases, and the top layer of springs runs from edge to edge.  The spring base is ideal for absorbing shock and providing cocoon support to all your body parts.  Further, this category is divided into two types:

  • Firm Edge Divan Base
  • Sprung Edge Divan Base

Our sprung divan beds for sale in London have wooden frames that are finished with a layer of open coil and pocket springs. Moreover, our sprung divan bases are considered extravagant and give an opulent feel to your room. The advantages they provide make them an excellent value for money. The following are the primary advantages of a sprung divan base:

  • Serves as an additional support layer for a comfortable sleep
  • Creates a firm and smooth sleeping surface
  • Increases the lifespan of your mattress
  • Roll-off is prevented by a firm edge base

Platform Divan Beds

Platform divan base, also known as solid divan base, provides a firm, supportive foundation for your mattress. Our boarded top divan beds London are made from solid timber and non-sprung panel top. Our beds come in a variety of colours and sizes. We offer customised fabric covers to meet your preferences.  Our hard-top base is typically less costly than a sprung divan base.  If you want solid and strong platform for your mattress, platform divan beds are a great option as it is advantageous in many ways.

  • Solid bases providing firm mattress support
  • Increased levels of back support
  • A bed to complement your orthopaedic memory mattress
  • Each penny you spend is worth it

Electrically Adjustable Divan Bases

Have you ever wished that you could position your bed at a specific angle? Our luxury divan beds in London have a large collection of electrically adjustable divan bed bases.  The experience of having an adjustable base is entirely different.  At the touch of a button, you can easily move the base and hold yourself comfortable in your ideal position and posture. Our divan beds London with motorised mechanism is perfect for a sound sleep.  Also, it has plenty of storage space beneath.

All Sizes to Fit Your Bedroom

 We offer you all, and it entirely depends upon the type of divan you want.  All our sturdy divan bed frames come in 21 standard UK sizes.  We specialise in bespoke beds, offering a range of sizes. We've got you covered, whether you want a single or double bed – it’s crucial to precisely measure the dimension of your room, where your bed will go first, so you don't buy one that's too small or too big. We can happily create a perfect fitting bed for you. We offer you beds in the following sizes

  • Small single bed
  • Wide single bed
  • Double bed
  • King size bed
  • Super king-size bed

Answering All Your Bed - Related Queries

We are here to guide our customers about quality beds and mattresses. For a comfortable sleep it is important to have a good bed base, and here at Vino Beds, we provide premium bed collection.


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