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A good night's sleep is one of the most rejuvenating experiences, so choosing the best bed is crucial. Divan beds UK are ideal for individuals seeking a quick and complete bed refresh. Our luxury divan bed line offers a stylish and trendy option for bedrooms offering minimal storage or bed area. Each bed comes with a matching luxury divan base and mattress as well as several inbuilt storage drawers.

When it comes to durability, slatted foundation beds can experience slat breakage from too much weight being placed on the bed. Our divan bed frame is strong enough to bear the weight efficiently.

Advantages of Luxury Divan Beds

There are various reasons you would prefer a divan bed over simple bed frames.

Divan Beds with Storage in Beautiful Styles

Divan beds with drawers installed in their base will be ideal for storage. Divan bed range at our store will help you to improve and expand the storage space in your home. Our single divan bed with storage is ideal for organising all the accessories of a child or an adult. 

You can maximise bedroom storage without spending extra money on alternative options by installing a few drawers that neatly tuck the divan bed base on either side. This will enable you to maintain a clutter-free environment. You'll find it easier to unwind and sleep in a tidy room.

Easy to Assemble

 Are you looking for a bed that is easy to assemble? Our divan bed is the perfect option that requires minimal assembling time. Our luxury divan bed UK needs your minimal attention for the assembling process. Simply attach the two halves of the divan base together using the clips, and assembling is complete.

Space-saving Luxury Divan Beds

 Our king size divan beds provide sufficient space to save unwanted stuff. So always make sure you choose the ideal bed storage solution according to your requirements. Our divan king size bed frames are built with extreme precision to fit the mattress perfectly.

Have a look at luxury divan beds for sale to save space in your room.

Moveable Castors and Platform Legs

 Our company will provide you with customised divan beds. The option to adjust the legs of divan beds is yet another customisable feature. Instead of using the traditional bed legs, you can choose something more useful like movable castors. Even our double divan beds with movable castors are easy to move around the room, which will help you clean and change the room's layout more easily.  

If you want platform legs in your divan bed, we will customise them too. Platform legs give your bed a lovely lift off the ground, giving the room an additional height feel and a more opulent appearance. The elevation, stability, and usability of your divan bed will all be significantly improved by choosing the right feet for your beds.

Easy Customization

The countless possibilities of customising our luxury divan bed base are the next perk on the list of advantages of divan beds. Our experienced employees can easily customise divan beds according to your requirements.

Do you want a modern leather appearance or a luxurious velvet appearance for your divan bed? We will work on custom manufacturing of chesterfield divan beds for you. Along with finalising the base, we also provide you with the option of selecting your favourite colour. From lovely hues to warm, monochromatic or dark tones, we have mastered the skill of customisation.  

Divan Bed Size Guide

 We provide luxury divan beds in all sizes. Single divan beds, which are 2 feet 6 inches wide, are the first on the list and are suitable for kids with smaller bedrooms. Lastly, king-size luxury beds provide a larger storage area and are suitable for bigger rooms.  

Pricing of Divan Beds

Our divan bed price varies with the size and quality of the bed. We assure you the highest quality divan beds at reasonable pricing. Each penny spent on our divan bed set will be worth it. 

Dedicated Customer Service

 We prioritise training our sales representatives to provide superior customer service. We make sure that the beds are delivered at the scheduled time.


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